Dry Brushing

The benefits of Dry Brushing Your Skin (a step-by-step guide)



Dry brushing has been one of the hot new trends in high end spa services, although it's been around for centuries. It's been used for everything from firmness, texture of skin, exfoliation, detox, to reducing cellulite.



Two of the biggest benefits of dry bruching are exfoliating you skin cells and stimulating your lymph system.


Let’s explore these a little further.

  1. Exfoliation of Dead Skins. Our skin is one of the most important organs for eliminating toxins from the body. As our skin cells create the protective barrier (that is what we visually see as our skin) it pushes dead and dull skin to the surface. By dry brushing and helping our body slough off these dead cells we are also detoxing and exfoliating our skin at the same time.
  2. Lymphatic Support. The lymphatic system is a support role for our body’s immune system. This transportation superhighway, moves, directionally towards the heart, infection fighting white blood cells throughout the body. Brushing skin regularly can help stimulate normal lymph flow helping the body naturally flush out toxins.

5 Minute (or Less) Step-by-Step How to Dry Brush Your Skin
  • Find and use a firm, high quality natural bristle brush with a handle. 
  • Begin with dry skin, dry brushing before you shower or bath is best.
  • Start at your feet and ankles, brush in long circular flow using light to firm strokes** brush to the center or core of your body and up towards your heart (that’s the way the lymph naturally flows).
  • Repeat by brushing the body section 8-10 full circles.
  • Repeat the same pattern, start with your hands and move up your arms towards your heart.
  • When you reach your stomach and armpits reverse your circles and brush in a clockwise rotation.
  • Try your favorite moisturizing body mask in the shower for smooth, soft skin that won’t need any additional moisturizer.
  • After you finish your body, shower (cool water is best for firming skin, or alternating between cool and hot is great too!).
  • It’s safe to dry brush before every shower/bath and normal to see an increase in color of your skin while you’re stimulating your system through the brush strokes. 



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